feeling of home

Many people in our world have never experienced this feeling. For different reasons.

It could just happened in their life or someone could deprive them of that feeling.

I do not like words such as "refugee", "poor" or "homeless". A stigma is associated to this person, as in the ancient times, these words were used for criminals. Is the person who has no home a criminal?

Poverty, natural disasters and wars have forced entire families and nations to abandon the places where they were born, grew up and lived. People are forced to seek a new life and this life does not have much hope, joy or much happiness.

I wanted to bring back the feeling of a home to the people who have lost it. This will make them happier and kinder.




People who are homeless are most often
unable to acquire and maintain regular,
safe, secure and adequate housing


Homelessness is a mark of failure for communities in
providing basic security. Based on national reports,
about 2% of the world's population may be homeless.
Another 20% lacks adequate housing


100 million

The last time a global
survey was attempted - by
the United Nations in 2005
- an estimated 100 million
people were homeless

1.6 billion

As many as 1.6 billion
people lacked adequate
housing (Habitat, 2015).

578 424

Almost 600 000 people are
homeless in the US

49 933

Veteran homelessness not only
affects those who experienced
the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars,
but also includes people who
served in Vietnam, Korea and
even during World War II.
We want to bring back the feeling of a
home to the people who have lost
it. This will make them happier and
  • solar panels
  • led lighting
  • dry closet
  • shower
  • ventilation system
  • recycled water system
  • heating system
  • refridgerator
  • cooking unit
  • washing machine
  • tv
  • furniture
  • water storage
  • capacity 1,53
  • delivered and pre-assembled 2300x2600x6000mm
  • assembled and ready for used in 8 hours
  • an engineering degree is not required to assemble the house unit
  • no electricity net required, water suply or sewage irrigation system
  • no building permit needed
  • living space lifespan 18 years
The crowdfunding platform
will be built to engage not
indifferent people to solve the
problem of homelessness

feeling of home for all people


coming soon...

Thank you